Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wildest Dream - Jenifer Blake

I lost my count of how many times I have read this novel..
It is about a young lady who track down her ancestor step from
modern London to Napoleon's France,
from the Swiss Alps to a secret garden of Florence
looking for an answer of a secret formula to
a legendary perfume believed to have been worn
by Cleopatra and Empress Josephine.

She follow the ring of journey which was believe have been done by her great great grandmother in the Era of Napoleon. Without knowledge that she have been followed by two groups of peoples. The one who greed of their future fortune and the other who want to protect her from disaster.

It was so beautiful story full of flower and the meaning of the respective beautiful flower.
And I would like to jot down some as below;

A Spray of Lilac -- It stood for First Emotion of Love.

Pansies -- Meant You Are in My Thoughts.
Pansies -- also stood for Thought, or Thought of Love

Wallflower -- Which signaled Fidelity in Adversity.

Rosemary -- That's for Rememberance, pray, love, remember.

Carnation -- Supposed to mean Blighted Love. Alas My Poor Heart.

Bulgarian Roses, Red Rose -- for Love.