Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Precious Moments...

Do you remember the day your first baby was born?

It was like yesterday it happen in my life... Yet the moment past more than eight years ago.
He is so adorable little honey bugs, so tiny at 2.24kg. The moment I saw his face, I know I'll die for him. The day he started walking I know that I'll be right behind his steps. And the day he started his school, he will be my most proud son.

It was like yesterday it happen in my life... The moment I saw her blink and coo-cooing inside my worm.. I saw it on the scanner screen. The moment my little princess was born. She is so cute little sweetie pie, very tiny at 2.00kg. Tears rolling on my face looking she struggled for life inside the glass. Yet she managed to make it. I'm proud of her. She was like a tiny little diamond. So small... i can hold her on my single palm. It was like a sun shining on my side when she smile at me. And we will adore her for the entire life.

It was like yesterday when the moment happen again two month ago... when the nurse make me kiss my youngest princess in the operation theater. she look at me and smile. She is so cubby cuppy cakes, another tiny princess at 2.30kg. She is the center love of all.. her brother and sister. Ummi and dad.