Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'll Miss This Place...

Hi there, sorry I don't attached the pics as promised. Will try to upload today. Meantime you can browse the view from this website
Tomorrow will be my last working day in Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi. Do I feel sad?. Yes I do :(

What are so special about this place? Well, the warm smiles from the people faces (may there are the sincere smiles). The green of the jungle, although there are so many rumors and real stories I heard about them (even experienced it myself). The wild common monkeys and the black monkey greeting me in the morning while I was walking down the hill to the office, in the afternoon while we hiking up and the hill to the cafetaria for lunch, and in the evening when I was walking up the hill to leave of while I was wondering around the compound during my duty day.
Rarely found elsewhere, most of the time you will see them in the park, by the road side or may be in the Zoo (poor them animal in the Zoo). But never can you find them playing with their kids on the tree branch from your office window, I love them when my eyes so tired with figures on the computer screen. They are so funny faces staring at you from the tree branch, I will smile back to them from a boring meeting room seat.. haha. Not to forget when they will stared at my food on the table while I'm having my late lunch at the Terrace Restaurant.

Yes, the eating parts was also something to remember.. hehe (always.. but I'm skinny now huhu). We had a meals once before I join the TS Team. but not to forget I had one before, during my visit to J & Ra. That was the time we (Hubby, Luqman, Tasnim & me) were invited by the Chef to his new working place. It is a tiny restaurant with a wonderful view, above the sea. That time we saw a family of dolphin catches the breath such a rare amazing view where only the lucky ones can see them.
One of the most catching view is you can see aeroplanes touching in and flying out of the langkawi island, when it always remind me of Jeremy (the old pilot who so much in love of the scene of a flight touching down the runway).
Another catching view is the eagles flying down to catch the unlucky fishes on the waves. And always the mountain view and the nearby island (of course, my next story will be about the island).

Hmm.. that's something about TSL. Till the next "membebel" story. we stop now. If the broadband is good, I'll try to upload some pic.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'll Miss The View...

Time running fast, today its been almost 330days being a one of the team of AJ Resorts a.k.a Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi.

Such a nice boutique hotel which they claimed as a five star hotel. Such a warm environment with wild life and green jungle.
Today I wanna write about Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi.

I believe I'd known this place since it was existed a long time ago. Those day I was wondering how it looks like, because you surely cannot see it from the roadside. I'm falling in love with this place the very first time I see it. It was may be almost seven years back. That day, we (hubby, luqman and me) were invited by a Jeremy and Rachel (I'll write about this lovely old couple next time) to the place they stayed during their 3 month sabbatical period in Malaysia, (Langkawi especially). It was at the Room 827 in Tanjung Sanctuary. The landscape were green, the room are spacious and the most lovely is the wild life running everywhere and the beautiful seaview from the balcony. We sat at the balcony until sundown when the scenic sunset was the most beautiful. My love for the sun view is always in my heart. We watch the beautiful sun change from white to pink to orange to yellow and grey.. can you imagine that. I'll post the picture of them if I got time sometime later. Meantime lets see the photo of this place where I love so much. see you soon.